What is the Discover Community Network (DCN)?

The Discover Community Network is a collection of community based websites, social media, and internet radio stations that provide a localized central location to an area.


There are a lot of places that do that, what makes the DCN different?

True, there are quite a few places that provide a central location to a certain area. We were the first but also we figured out that we needed a way to connect the areas so we can cross market to different parts of the country/world. The only way that made any sense was to (in effect) franchise. So we started the Discover Network.


What are DCN sites?

The DCN sites are universal sites. They are general in nature. Sports, Movies, Food, Wine, etc.


Why Internet Radio Stations?

The Internet Radio Stations are general in nature also, which is why they are DCN sites. They cater to a specific genre which is why we needed more than just 1 station. They also serve to expand the market for the community websites.


How do you expect the Radio Stations to compete with established commercial stations and/or Pandora, I-heart Radio, Sirius?

Commercial Radio is dying, if you can’t see that I can’t help you. Subscription based radio is going to implode because once people get done with all the $9.99 subscriptions they have something will have to go and that market will die out sooner rather than later. Millennials are not going to spend money for subscription based content, because they are smart enough to source it for free on the internet. Also the Radio Stations are linked from every website and social media outlet in the Discover Community Network so we have the advantage of controlling our own marketing without the overhead.


Do you have Social Media?

Yep, you better believe we do, and quite a lot of it too.


How much does Advertising on the DCN cost?

That is a loaded question, but the short answer is, we don’t work with everybody. At our core, we are community based. This isn’t Craig’s List. You would need to have something of value to offer the visitor’s to the websites. Also we do check to make sure you have a legitimate business and you provide a quality service or product(s).


Do you have a way to grow your network?

As long as we can we will continue to “discover” new areas. We currently have established sites in London, Paris, Barcelona, Sydney, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Canada.


What is the best way to contact you to talk about what you can do for me/us/our business/my marketing company/ my community?

Send an email to: troy@discovercountynetwork.com or call me directly 530-428-5395