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Welcome to the Discover Community Network (DCN)!

The Discover Community Network is a group of community based websites, social media outlets and internet radio stations dedicated to promotion and advertising of local businesses across the nation and around the world! What started out as 1 website in Plumas County, California over 10 years ago has grown into one of the most popular and independent group of marketing and advertising businesses on the internet. We now have over 150 website portals and almost 350+ social media outlets!

Partner Support

The DCN would not be growing at the pace that we are if it wasn’t for the people/businesses/organizations that have supported us over the years. The Genuine Networking Association (GNA) has been a long time supporter of the DCN and has been a HUGE help in getting the word out on events and special people in the area via the GNA/DCN Member Spotlight show on the DCN Internet Radio Network and one of our more recent supporters is A-List Publications they have been great at getting much of the specialized video content that we have been able to share throughout the DCN Network

Most Important

The most important aspect in this ever expanding network is YOU. Without you, none of this would be possible. You are the people that help us by sharing events, business specials, liking, commenting, listening to the radio stations, and helping by letting us know what is important to your communities. We are here because of our commitment to economic development, and we will stay as long as you let us! Our Motto. “If you don’t know, you won’t go.”